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Kingdom International Intercession Sign Up

Thank you, for the consideration of joining intercessor across the world in the Kingdom International Prayer Network so that the people of God will have 365 days a year/7 days a week and 24 hours a day access to watchmen on the wall. It is our belief that as we touch and agree with one another across the globe the greater works that God has called forth within us will manifest in our lives as well as the lives of others. I look forward to the Mighty Works of God manifesting in the land of the living as souls are being saved, the chains of injustice is loosed, the cords of the yokes are untied,  the oppressed being set free, burdens being lifted, the dead coming to life and so much more in the Majestic name of Jesus. In the power that God has bestowed upon us lets trample the head of the enemy, slay the giants, shut the mouths of the lion, cast out demons, take back stolen territories, advance the Kingdom of God as we stand guard on the wall and terrorizing the kingdom of darkness. God is calling forth unity in the atmosphere and those who can adhere to the call of the Lord for their portion within this move will reap the harvest of a king. In the Majestic name of Jesus, Gods Kingdom will come and His will done in earth as He has declared in heaven. Love you mighty child of God and I expect Gods best for your life for as you take care of His business; He is faithful enough to take care of yours.

Thank you for strengthening this ministry.

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Schedule: Please choose your availability starting and ending time for the weekday and the week end. Note: Intercessors for Prayer & Praise Wall only select N/A for starting and ending times.
Weekday start time* Monday - Friday
Weekday end time * Monday - Friday
Weekend start time * Saturday -Sunday
Weekend end time * Saturday - Sunday
Do you speak multiple languages fluently Yes No
If so, list the languages you speak fluently: The Kingdom International Call Center will expand to offering dedicated centers to specific languages. As we transition to these services we will like to have individuals that could become apart of implementation process.

Comments: In addition if you would like to have split time to be on call during the week or weekend please indicate here. Example: If you are available for 11:00 am -2:00pm & 10:00pm - 11:00pm during the week day. You can indicate the 10:00pm -11:00pm here.

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Intercessory prayer is an extension of the ministry of Jesus through His Body, the Church, whereby we mediate between God and humanity for the purpose of reconciling the world to Him, or between Satan and humanity for the purpose of enforcing the victory of Calvary.Dutch Sheets. Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth (p. 43). Kindle Edition.

Intercessors Responsibilities

This is a service unto God and we shall serve man as if we are serving God in the flesh. We will all pray according to the will of God and word of God for every individual that He has entrusted unto us.

Intercessors have schedule flexibility of their availability hours in the call center during the week and the weekend. We ask that intercessors sign up for a minimum of 30 minutes time frame. Our virtual call center system has the ability to schedule for the work week and weekend only at this time. It doesn’t give us the option for specific days during the week however your weekend schedule can be different from what you propose for the week.

All changes, updates, and cancellations can be sent to and your request will be made within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to check the prayer and praise wall and lift up the people of God individual or corporately as God leads you.

Sign-Up process

  1. Complete the Intercessor Sign up form
  2. A servant of God will contact you upon setting your information up in our virtual calling center. The servant will contact you with the verification code to complete registration. All numbers must be verified by the system to become activated in the virtual call center.

Remember to complete the 365/24/7 Sign Up process your number must be verified in the phone system. A D.O.R.M staff will contact you to complete this process.

Please note that your email address is for our records only. You will be added to our email list so that we can send you an occasional inspired message or let you know about new features at the web site. You will receive notice from Divine Order Restoration Ministries, Inc, our email list manager, when we transfer your email address into our main list. You may remove yourself from the email list then or at anytime in the future. Your email address will remain confidential and will not be sold or shared with anyone.

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