Partners make a World of a DIFFERENCE!

D.O.R.M. International Magazine understand that forming strong relationship with community organizations, business and faith-based groups is essential to optimizing the impact, effect and productivity in the life of any community.Community partnership reaches everyone within the community at large, provide needed services to individuals and allow organization to increase impact with optimized efforts. We know that forming strong relationships with companies and community organizations is essential in maximizing our impact on the lives of women.We are seeking partners who have the desires to build communities around the world through building the individuals that dwells within them.

Your partnership will help bridge the gap within families and communities around the world as we work together as one. D.O.R.M. International has built lasting relationships with many service organizations and faith-based groups the community that provide meaningful support in the form of in-kind donations, grants and financial donations, and volunteer services year round. We are honored and grateful for your support. Become a Partner, Make a Difference and Multiply Your Influence and Impact within the lives of many around the world!

Here are some of the ways your Company can Influence and Impact lives through partnership collaboration with D.O.R.M. International:

  • Offer Employment or Internship Opportunities within your community or within your network
  • Provide grant opportunties for program, event, or general organizaiton operations
  • Provide In-kind donation (space, new goods, services, and supplies)
  • Provide financial donations toward our events or organizations
  • Establish a matching gift program for employee donations
  • Provide volunteer service opportunities for your employees
  • Become a corporte program, event or oraganzation sponsor
  • Provide student education scholarhip locally and aboard
  • Provide discount program to those we serve




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