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About Pastor Derashay Zorn

derashayPastor Derashay Zorn is a servant leader who is very compassionate and dedicated to helping others birth out what God has placed inside of them. Since being called unto the ministry she has been on a mission to activate, reactivate, or rejuvenate the true living God in those that is within her presence. She believes that there is greatness inside of everyone among the earth and she reaches to tap into that greatness. Derashay is an enthusiastic woman of God that is a powerful minister, teacher, and life coach in the word. She finds it a privilege and honor to serve within the kingdom. She comes as a humble servant to deliver the necessary tools to equip individuals for life according to their purpose. God utilizes her with words of wisdom, encouragement, and empowerment to break the chains of bondage so that all may live as ambassadors of God in their day-to-day living. Ms. Zorn has been an intricate part of community collaborations through bridging the gap between community entities. Mrs. Zorn’s believe in building stronger communities through encouraging, empowering, and educating families. Her passion to assist others comes from being an over-comer of many obstacles individuals face within society. Her ability to overcome through the application of God’s word has been the birthing grounds for Divine Order Restoration Ministries (D.O.R.M.). In this ministry God has placed the mantle in her hand to restore the order of God one life, one body, and one nation at a time. She knows that it is time for God to become a living vibrate resident in the lives of all of His children. Derashay finds that it is very important that everyone she meets knows about the awesome God that she serves even if they don’t know her name.

Derashay Zorn is excited about the four dynamic men of God that is in her life. She is a devoted wife and proud mother of three boys and they reside in the greater Atlanta area. Mrs. Zorn has a M.S in Business Administration and a M.S in Information System Management from Keller University School of Management. Derashay works full time for the kingdom of God building his people, church, and community. She is an entrepreneur; consultant, empowerment speaker, mentor, and friend. She has held various leadership positions within the community and has extensive work in nonprofit organizations. Mrs. Zorn has served at GNLMBC as an associate minister, children church coordinator, women’s day chair and various other capacities. She has been involved in nonprofit startup, technology analysis and implementation, as well as establishing curriculums and training youths.

Her Story: The Making and Molding Process- (...insert from Child of Royalty)

Derashay is no stranger to opposition as she was born into a family of brokenness that was surrounded by all levels of evil some which included poverty, incest, greed, division, witchcraft, substance abuse, etc. In the eyes of the world on January 12, 1979, Derashay Denise Worthen was born out of wedlock. To parents that did not have a high school education. Her mother had just delivered her third child at the age of nineteen and her father had left the home before she was even born. As I took my first breath of life society had already labeled me as a failure.  Since birth society had already rated me as very unlikely to finish high school and I was more likely to have children out of wedlock and at an early age. By their standards and worldly calculations I was very low on their economical scale.  

If society did not have enough to beat me down with between the age of six through nine I found out that one of my parents had a drug addiction and the other an alcohol addiction. My society standards were really building up against me. I was moving even lower on their totem pole.  I remember having to move in with my grandmother at the age of six that open my life up into darkness.  This was devastating for me as a child and I’m sure it had the same effect on my other four siblings. At grandmas house it felt as if we were the black sheep’s of the family because negative things were always spoken over us. I can remember being told you are not going to be anything, your stupid, and ignorant, you’re going to be just like you mama and everything but what my mom named me and who I truly was. This is how the enemy was trying to capture my mind to feed into the ways of the world. What was I going to do?

You’re not going to believe this I got caught up in the generational curses and strong holds that the enemy had over my family. At the age of twelve I took my first drink of alcohol. My pleasure included going to the club and watching men strip off their clothes. Then two years later I begun to fornicate which lead me to becoming a teenage mother. I delivered my first son when I was sixteen I thought I knew it all. I dropped out of school because I was so smart (not). It seemed as if I blinked my eyes one day and I started becoming the exact things that people had spoken over my life. This was truly a trickle down effect.  Don’t get me wrong there were people in my life that spoke positive things over my life but some how the negative thing spoken over my life had a stronger influence on my life and they were transforming me into the very things people had said to me and what society had label me. These negative seeds were able to be planted in my life and take root because I was allowing the world to fertilize my temple instead of God. I was living on shallow grounds and my foundation was like quick sand instead of solid rock.  My pleasure in the world held me bond to the captivity of the world. My spirit was weak because I was not feeding it with the word of God. I was drinking from the cup at the enemy table and not from the cup of my Heavenly Father. Drinking from the cup of the devil keep me thirsty and hunger for the things of the world. It caused me to make gods out of things of no substance (temporal thin gs instead of things of eternal). I was looking for man to approve me, love in all the wrong places, financial bondage, material wealth, temporary happiness, etc. These types of things caused a life of miserable, uncertainty, hopelessness and no where to turn for the fear of condemnation and selfish desires.

Between the ages of sixteen and nineteen I had five pregnancies with three live births still in the sinful nature of sexual immorality.  At the age of 22 I finally received my GED after 3 failed attempt. She finally made it into a college door and is on her journey from GED to PHD. At the age of 25 she finally got married to the man she had been dating since 7th grade and shacking up with since 1995. She understand rejection, violation, brokenness, division, insecurities, low self-esteem, rebellious, lust, void, faithless, etc.

It seemed as if the world standards were imprinted into my mind and I was trapped in that vicious cycle of worldly mess. I was truly allowing the devil to use me at least that’s what he thought. God turned the devil works around for the benefit of His kingdom. God said, No you are my child and I have bestowed grace and mercy upon you. I have given you freedom for this wicked and cruel world and I have forgiven you for all you have done wrong. It is time for you to step out of the darkness and into my light and fulfill the purpose that I have been preparing you for since birth. But you have to be willing to loss everything in the world before I can give you access to your inherits within My kingdom. God said; are you ready to drink from my cup?

Finally I came to a point in my life that what I had been doing was not working for me and I had God on the sideline waiting to give me His unconditional love. I came to the point were for me I had nothing else to lose so why not try Jesus. Before I came to this point I had looked at the cup, held it in my at hand, gave it back, thought about it so many times before I realized I was tried of being thirsty. At last, I drunk from the cup of the Father and it was such a rejuvenating experience. When I drunk from the cup of the Lord I thirst no more because I instantly felt his unconditional loved, I got God approval and that is all the approval I need. I gained access to spiritual wealth and financial security in the Father. I didn't have to search anymore for it is God who is the supplier of all my needs. It was Him who keeps me from stumbling and falling because when I can't walk anymore He carried me. God was whom I had been missing to make my life complete and purposeful. It’s unbelievable how I had been robbed of 26 years of not knowing God on a personal level. It’s amazing of all the things people will say and do to you but many will never offer or show you the fullness of God. He is the creature of all things and He is all you need to truly have life. Since finding God it has been apart of my purpose to make sure that everyone I come in contact with get the opportunity to meet Him. Not with just mere words but also through my action. I don’t want anyone to feel the violation that I felt from not being in the present of God. I strive each day to be an imitator of Christ and offer Him unto all I come in contact with.

I believe that it is not how you start but how you finish that truly matters. The absolute Glory be unto God!!!!


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